Thursday, 22 June 2017

Yearbook Photos Required

Attention all Year 6 students, we require your Grade Prep photos to add to the 2017 yearbook 'Then and Now' page. You can provide these to us by hand, or digitally via email. Please have a look over the holidays and try to have them to us by the first week of Term 3.

Nahum, Bettina and Cherrylou.

Year 5/6 Bee Bot Expo

We made bee-bot mats for the younger kids so that they can learn how to code when they are older.
The bee-bots are for them so that they can learn how to work together and cooperate with the older kids. We did this activity because we wanted to teach the smaller kids how to code so that they can learn it for the future. Everyone had enjoyed making the game mats and playing with the bee-bots. We found this activity a bit hard because we had to communicate and negotiate with each other but we all had amazing ideas to share. We spent a lot of time making this activity. Even though it was the end even though it was hard it was worth it.

On behalf of Oliver, Antonia and Gabriel.

Group 1 -My Lunch Box Rules

On Tuesday, group 1 prepared to cook for group 4 in the 'My Lunch Box Rules' Inquiry Project. Our group included, Maya, Charlotte, Victoria, Khanh, Nahum and Peter. We cooked burgers with a side of chips and salad. We think this experience showed us that working with different people can bring new ideas to the team. The main thing we learnt was the importance of following the planned schedule and the need for time management and organisation.

Maya and Nahum on behalf of Group 1

Bee Bot Mats

The year 5/6 students have completed their Bee Bot Game Mats.  They designed educational game mats for our junior school students to play using Bee Bots which they can programme to complete the course. Each of the mats has instructions on how to play and the objective of the game.
Today they tested their game mats and all groups were more than happy with their efforts.

Well done! 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Reminder about Photos

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that tomorrow is photo day. Please wear your full winter uniform. The Grade 6 Graduation bomber jackets will not be worn in the photo as mentioned by Rob.  You can obviously wear it to school but just not in the photo.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

School Photo Day

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that next week on Wednesday 14th June is school photo day. Please make sure that you wear your full school uniform.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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